Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 Months Today

Parkers 6 Month Milestones:
Parker is eating big boy food- Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, Pears, Carrots, Sweet Potatos, Green Beans "not his fav", Sweet Pea's, Peaches, and , Mixed Veggies... He eats 3 times a day, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Oh and he now is sitting in his High Chair that Auntie Martha gave us, that Spencer used when he was a little one... Thanks Gramps!
Parker has been sleeping in his Crib for about 3 months now, I will say we are happy that he is such a big boy sleeping in his crib everynight, its just a little more work for mommy... He goes to bed around 8 each night, still waking up about 3 times before 7 am.
About a week ago Parker started sitting up without support. We still put pillows all around him for comfort but he's now sitting up play with his toys and he loves watching tooners in the morning.


Last night I got home from work around eight, the weather was crazy, very windy and cold. We campout in the family room to stay warm by the fire... We woke up almost every hour from the wind and lighting and thunder. What a crazy night. This morning we went outside to find tree branches everywhere in the backyard, BIG ones too...

Look how cute my Boys are!!!

This is what I came home to the other night, I am such a lucky girl....

Thanks for the Walker Allen Boys

Parker loves his walker he loves cruisin around ...

Meeting SANTA

We had a Christmas Party at OG and Parker got to meet Santa, He actually smiled and didn't seem to mind it at all...

Christmas TREE Oh Christmas TREE

Finding the perfect tree this year was very easy for us, we really didn't care to much because it was freezing cold out, turned out pretty good, our tree is perfect... That day we werent to the Clarks for a tasty warm meal... That night we hung our lights and decorated the tree...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Turkey Day 2010

We are so thankful for so many things. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Friends ans Family... I made my First Turkey this year and it turned out GREAT. Mom Dad and Jim came over for a small but tasty dinner.


Snow Day with Daddy

Parker and Sean rushed outside to play in the snow before it went away. I was at work :( but got to see all the cute pictures Sean took, the snow lasted almost two full days.

What a GREAT Surprise in the Mail...

Thanks Grandma Jean for my FIRST THANKSGIVING BOOK, couple days before thanksgiving we got a package in the mail, Parkers very own Thankgiving story. Parker loves books, thanks again Grams....

Lil Em's B-day

Sean and I went out for the first time since Parker was born on Emily's Birthday... Nice Pizza Dinner and drinks, We werent out long but it was a really nice time. THanks Mom and Dad for watching lil Man for us.