Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tid Bits

Sean and I are having fun reading through our baby books. Sean is a cheater and always skips ahead on the weeks. Lately he's been telling me how cute I look and what a pretty prego I am. I thought is was sweet and a little strange. Then last night I read week 30 in my book and the "dad tip" was to make sure you are telling your baby mama how good she looks to you. What a goofball! I really love him!

Me and my Fam

Here are some cute pics of me and my family that my sister Sarah took at McKenzie's baby shower. I am 27 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Names We are Considering

Molly's Fav's
Anderson, Parker, Colton, Brady

Sean's Fav's
Lewis, Morgan, Keegan

Our Families Meet

My Mom and Dad invited Sean and his Dad to go crabbing last Sunday. I was supposed to have to work, but was able to come at the last minute. My parents were surprised and we had a great trip, minus the crabs....we only brought home one. We had dinner at the Rouge Brewery before we all had to drive home. What a great Sunday.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Ultrasound - IT'S A BOY

We invited my mom and Dad, Gram and the Clarks to the ultrasound. We wanted to share this special day. My sister was certain it was a girl, she was wrong! Daddy got his wish for a son.


Telling the Sprague's the News - Merry Christmas

I was really scared to tell my family so we waited until Christmas..... Sean wanted me tell them a million times but I didn't get my courage up until Christmas. I gave my parents an ultrasound picture as a present. They were shocked and excited. My sisters could believe what I said, and Brad' face was priceless.......It was one of those , what the heck type of faces. It was all hugs and crying and everyone was happy!

Telling Sean's Family the News

We celebrated Christmas with Sean's family at Black Butte. We got to see the kiddos, snow board (I stayed at the cabin), and visit. We told Sean's parents on the phone and told the rest of the family when they got there. Everyone was excited and the trip was soooo fun!