Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy or NOT : )

I got home from a long stressful night at work and Sean's night wasn't any easier. Parker was not so happy monday night, he decided that he wasn't going to eat out of a bottle and nothing that Daddy could do would work. So by the time I had got off he had cry himself to sleep it didn't help that it was like 95 degrees in our house. Its crazy though he looks so sweet and peaceful. Gotta love him...

Grandma Debbie

Thanks Mommy for coming up to watch Parker last tuesday, he loves spending time with his grams.... That wednesday Sarah and the kids, Kneize and hunter came over for a play date. We played with cars, made crafts, watched tooners and had a good pizza lunch. We love play dates.

Peralta Visit

The Peralta Family drove down for the weekend to visit. Its so nice to see Lily and J0sh they are so big. Thanks for coming down. It was a blast...

Parker Now 3 Months

What a Big Boy you are Parker James . Smiling , Laughing , talking, and loving life... We are having so much fun being parents to such a happy baby boy.

Sean's Hobby :)

Sean has been working on his s10 truck motor for the past couple weeks. Parker loves hanging with his Daddy when he's working out in the garage.


When we were in Bend we went to visit Winterberry Ranch. Owen came along and he loved meeting all the animals and the COWBOY. We walked down to the barn and Lloyd was standing there in his cowboy boots and Owen says, "Hey are you the COWBOY" it was so funny....


It was amazing bringing Parker James to Grandma Jeans house, it brought back all the good times Sista Katie and I had in the summer growing up at grams. Mom, Dad, Clark Family, Katie, Levi, Sean, Parker, and Myself all had such a good weekend in bend. Celerbrating Owen James 3rd B-day and just having family time and of course games. Here are some fun pics of our trip. Oh FYI do not eat at the cafe' in warm springs right sis... LOL

High Desert Museum

As a Family We all went to the High Desert Museum in Bend, what a great outing that was. Its such a fun place to learn, touch, and see how things used to be. Parker was a trooper, Grandma Jean rented him a stroller that was facing out so he could view the whole world, he loved it. . .