Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mr. Snowy

Today once again we woke up to Snow. Sean came home for lunch and we built a snowman, the snow was perfect for a snowman, but it melted like one hour after he was built. It was fun while he lasted...

Crazy BaBy!!!

Tuesday I walked into Parker's Room and completely freak out when I found my Baby standing up in his crib hanging onto the rail bouncing up and down, although I freaked out I still ran and got my camera... He's so much fun, hopefully the next takes things much slower LOL...

Look at all my new TOYS

Thanks too Lily and Josh, Last weekend Stacy and the kidos came down for the day to hang out with Sean, they brought down Lily and Josh's old toys for Parker... He is such a lucky lil man, He Loves all his new sound makers... Thanks again Peralta Family.

Friday, February 18, 2011

8 Months TODAY

BaBy Number two on the Way

We are having another baby !!! Our due date is Sept 2nd ... We are so very excited !!!

Walking Baby

Here is a little video of Parker with a landuary basket walking around. He has been doing this for about 2 weeks now, he pushes the basket to the couch climbs onto of the basket and reaches for the couch, He is growing up so fast its crazy... Enjoy!!!

Another Snow Day

How crazy was it to wake up to all the snow... Around 7 am we looked out the window to see a white out, Sean went off to work and Parker and I bundled up and went out to play...

Valentine's Day

THanks too, Grandma Debbie, Papa Rob, Sister kt, Clark Family, Julie, and Grandma Jean. Parker enjoyed all his fun Valentines... Books, Big Heart Sucker, Clothes, Homemade Bibs, and much more... We love and Care for you all...


Sean, Brad, Dad, Levi, and Owen went to the Monster Truck Show in Portland last weekend... They all said it was all for Owen but I think the big boys enjoyed it just as much...

Window Watching

Parker's new favorite thing is to look out the window... Here are a few cute pics of Parker.

Sean and Parker's day trip to Albany

A few weeks ago Sean took Parker down to Albany to help Dad out with getting the fire wood ready to burn... Parker got to hang out in the green grass and watch his Daddy and Papa split fire wood... I missed out, had to work :(