Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Turkey Day 2010

We are so thankful for so many things. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Friends ans Family... I made my First Turkey this year and it turned out GREAT. Mom Dad and Jim came over for a small but tasty dinner.


Snow Day with Daddy

Parker and Sean rushed outside to play in the snow before it went away. I was at work :( but got to see all the cute pictures Sean took, the snow lasted almost two full days.

What a GREAT Surprise in the Mail...

Thanks Grandma Jean for my FIRST THANKSGIVING BOOK, couple days before thanksgiving we got a package in the mail, Parkers very own Thankgiving story. Parker loves books, thanks again Grams....

Lil Em's B-day

Sean and I went out for the first time since Parker was born on Emily's Birthday... Nice Pizza Dinner and drinks, We werent out long but it was a really nice time. THanks Mom and Dad for watching lil Man for us.

Sleepover @ Aunties

A Couple weekends ago, Sarah helped me out at a Massage event that I had in Kalama. Mom and Dad came up to watch the kidos with Sean, This was Parker's first sleepover. It was so much fun waking up to a house full of family, Dad made a great Breakfast and we watched tooners and made crafts... We have to do this more often.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ME and My DADDY " O "

Little Pales, Emily Collin and Caden came over for a play date....

Parker is 5 Months


Here is a cute little video of Parker , He Finally is drinking out of a Bottle...

Hanging with my cousins

Parker, Sean, and I went for dinner at the CLARKS, Sarah made her fabulous Chicken and rice, and the kidos played hard all eveing. We are so lucky to have our Family close...

Lily's 3rd Birthday

Last weekend Lily Ann had a ice cream social for her 3rd birthday, what a big girl you are Lily. . .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Great Grandma Jean

Happy Birthday Grams. You are an amazing woman, we love you very much. Thanks for always being there for us. Here are a few good memories... Love ya tons.